Practice Style

I enjoy getting to know each patient and developing a professional, collaborative relationship.  I listen carefully and respond to each as a unique individual.  Differences are considered, and therapies are designed in partnership.  Appointments are scheduled so that patients never feel rushed.

I believe patients appreciate my caring and friendly manner. I do my best to explain a diagnosis and recommended treatment options. Questions are encouraged, and input is desired.  I believe a patient cannot be 
fully part of a collaborative treatment relationship if he or she feels intimidated.

You will have a free, introductory telephone conversation with me prior to scheduling an evaluation. After we meet for the first appointment, if you have a problem or a crisis arise,  you can call my cell phone. I personally return phone calls and can see often you in the office on the same or next business day. The only exception to this would be on the unusual occasion that I may be traveling somewhere with very limited cellular signal.  At those times, I will arrange for another psychiatrist to cover any emergencies.

I do not have any employees.  In larger practices, there may be receptionists, administrative assistants, dictation typists, and billing clerks who have access to your personal information. In my office, I am the only person who has access to your file. I will not release information about you without your written consent.