My practice is private pay only.  I do not participate directly in any insurance networks or HMO panels, Medicaid, or Medicare.  There are several advantages to this type of arrangement.  Most importantly, I have fewer patients than an insurance-driven practice, which means I have more time to spend with you.  In addition, many patients choose not to involve their insurance company in their mental health care, as it can sometimes impact the quality of care and privacy.

My patients pay me at time of service.  I provide a detailed service receipt at each of our meetings, and you may be able to obtain at least partial reimbursement for my services by submitting these receipts to your health insurance company.  If you have insurance coverage with high annual deductibles or healthcare savings accounts, payments for my services may help count towards your deductible or be reimbursable to you from your HSA.

If you wish to file claims with your insurance company, you should contact your insurance company to inquire about out-of-network benefits prior to beginning treatment with me.

I will discuss my fees with you when you call to schedule an appointment.